Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

Round of applause

Pretty good day. Filled with fort building.. turning chalk into paint and a date with my husband. .. after marriage counseling! Which is actually something we really look forward to.

Couple noteworthy things about today… 35 yrs ago my Mom gave me life.. today she put our application for the non-profit in the mail. Once it is received Unravel will be 501(c)3 pending, giving life to this new endeavor!!!!

And a friend came up with an idea of 35 for 35. My hope was 50,000.. to be halfway to our goal in the longest 4 months of my life..At dinner with Tony she sent me a picture text of the total.. at that goal. It has gone up since then. Right as the waitress was bringing over our giant cookie with ice cream on top I started crying..

Thank you. Truly and humbly I thank you. We thank you.

We didn’t want to name a non profit after JLK since it would make it about her and I would get too prideful.. so its about all the kids with cancer and the ones we are trying to prevent from getting cancer. Its about Unraveling pediatric cancer.

But this fund is in her name and I do connect it to her.. so it matters in that personal way to me..

I hate that she wasn’t here. I hate that we ate gluten for dessert. But tonight I am not drowning in the same sorrow I was last night. Tonight I feel grateful.. for kids that played well together.. for text messages and phone calls from family and friends (even the highly inappropriate one from my eldest brother!!).. and for the donations that have poured in to honor my daughter.

50,000… holy crap. We really might reach the 100,000 goal!

A whole different kind of happy birthday.. but it was.

**round of applause from Jennifer**

**round of applause from a 9 month old Jennifer**