Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

I want to help

I have gotten so many notes and email and texts from people offering help. Unfortunately my brain is so utterly fried.. I can’t remember what somebody told me 2 minutes ago.


So what I am asking..

if you have a talent or a skill that you could donate. From face painting to being able to carry heavy tables… or

a job from cookie baking to graphic design .. or

a famous connection…somebody that might know somebody .. from Angelina Jolie to that kid from Jerry Maguire …or

a business connection from the (insert fancy title) at facebook to a winery owner or

even just want to share the company you or your mom or your spouse works at..

I cant say for sure what our needs will be in the future.. Right now a book keeper and CPA are tops on the list .. but that’s just the start of it. We are planning another Mamas night out and will need a venue.. Trying to figure out what I want to do for her.. even typing it makes me pause… birthday….

We will need all sorts of help as time goes on and events come up. I am not the best at asking for help.. though I am really trying..

Our goal is to get it all in one place. Then we can make a spreadsheet with peoples information to have easy access.

Seriously. My talents I would have sent to me would have been minimal… I can take care of kids and teach PE.. My husband works for Cintas.. my sister is a nurse.. my mom a lawyer.  And a few connections to people in the sporting world. (yes I would name drop!) 🙂

So if you are so inclined.. and honestly no pressure on it. I get that people can care .. can care a whole lot.. but not able to help out right now. No problem.

..I hope that I am making it really clear. That it is ok to not email me.. This is so awkward. But I got some advice to reach out and see who we “know” and this is the only way I can think to do it.. .

We would appreciate a email to

It can be 2 words or lots and lots (as we all know mine would be)..But anything and everything…anyone.. you can think of. As well as a way to contact you.

It is my sincere hope to get..”big” enough to use each and every skill and connection we are offered eventually.

and for the first time let me offer my thanks.. for still reading and still caring. I am finding I am pretty good at expressing myself with words.. but I can never seem to explain why it matters so much to me that people still care about Jennifer.. and all of us here.. left behind… But it truly does.

Email address again is Please don’t reply with skills here.. I am trying to get it all in one place.

To show my appreciation I will share a piece of me rarely seen through this blog..

..I will do anything for a laugh. ..


On a show called Dance dress up 80’s and dance terribly to 80’s music. My goal was to get interviewed by the host.. And I did. 8 months pregnant with our 3rd*

And I will make my husband do it too!


*also pregnant with Nicholas, this was our maternity shoot!*

She was a lot like me in that way…


**homemade glasses at The Counter*

**homemade glasses at The Counter*


*pretending he was going too fast at Gilroy Gardens*

*pretending he was going too fast at Gilroy Gardens*

…even up until she went on hospice care.. she never lost her zing… I miss her laugh and the way she made us laugh..DSC_0189