Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

JLK’s Journey Milestones

Oct 28 2007 – JLK was born.


Oct 26 2008 – She took her first steps.

Aug 2009- She was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

May 12, 2013- Our 4th child was born, completing our family.


Aug 22, 2013- JLK started kindergarten


Oct 2013 – We noticed her eye turning inward took her to a specialist who ordered a MRI

Oct 25, 2013- ER visit after headache and vomiting. (1 time)

Oct 27, 2013- MRI showed tumor on the pons.

Oct 28, 2013- JLK turned 6. We were told she had DIPG. A cancer that is terminal upon diagnosis.


Oct 29, 2013- Libby started blogging.. almost every night. Sharing what it’s like for their family throughout this journey.

Nov- Dec 2013- Libby, Jennifer and baby Charlotte stayed in Palo Alto for 7 weeks of radiation. Brothers and Daddy stayed home.

Dec 28-30 2013- Celebratory trip to Disneyland for the end of radiation.


Jan 24, 2014- First post radiation MRI should find new baseline.

Jan 27, 2014- Found out cancer spread.

Jan 28, 2014- Last day she ate a meal, a muffin for breakfast.

Jan 29, 2014- JLK was put on in home hospice care.


Feb 12, 2014- She took her last breath in her mommy’s arms, 3.5 months after diagnosis.